2009 | The River of milk

rzeka mleka

| service :                                graphic & package design
| branch:                                  dairy product
| technology:                           print            
| year:                                       2008                                                                                                
| designer:                              Paulina Kordos

| product description:
The aim of the task was to increase the information readability  and visibility for producer’s logo, product’s name and graphic’s layout. The architecture for important information was set . Functionality The product’s colour division was used for milk’s fatness differentation.  For this were used colours which are used the most in standard. The producer’s logo and as well product sort and fat percentage are center depicted, on three sides of the product’s graphic.

| case study:
Design chellange Graphics layout presents the image which corresponds with the producent’s name “River of milk”. It Is designed in that way that gathering few carton’s of milk together side by side in one place the endless image of the graphic’s layout can be created. This way of presenting exposes the brand more and can have an impact during decisive moment of buying.

| details:
0% -blue, 2%- yellow, 0,5 % green, 3,5% red

| tags:
| Graphic Packaging | Packaging Construction | Ergonomy | Functionality |Architecture Information | Graphic Design |
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