| name :                                              Paulina
| surname:                                         Kordos

| profession:                                      Industrial & Graphic Designer
| years of experience:                     3
| form of working:                            permanent
| area of experience:                        medical | sanitary | precision design IT |
area of experience:                        computers & information technology
| what means design  for me:        changing the existing situation for the better
what means to be  a designer :   seeing a problem and find out adequate solution
| design credo:                                   I design when I understand …. the cultural background, 
design credo:                                   the system, the people’s real needs 
| tags                                                    I ergonomy | working process | problem insight | design
| tags                                                     thinking | human oriented innovation

Since the last three years after graduation I was tightly conneced with design for medical idustry.  Firstly as an apprentice in polyestrer-design programme run by PERFEKT Sobierajski company (Quadur) in the frameworks of whom I have taken part in the program of ” Ergonomics for medicine”  targeted for  designing the medical ergonomic environment and functional devices. 

Work on the possition of Designer during that time it gives me the possibillities  to got to know the way of forming the polyester composite materials and the process connected with implementation the new product on the market.

At that time I was involved in the project of Mobile Driver for Artificial Heart’s Chambers, redesigning the suction devices’s family of Aga Labor company, and the main project of Modular Trolley System for furnishing medical wards.

Througout that time I workd out effective methods of designing innovative product’s solutions. High quality of design service was confirmed by winning international awards in the field of design:

2011 Red Dot Design Award Winner for Surgical Suction Combo, 
| 2012 Red Dot Design Award Winner for Surgical Suction Device Expert 50 & Footswich Thin  
| 2013 German Design Award Nominee for product Combo.