2012 | Chirurgical Suction Expert 50

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| service:                                     product design
| branch:                                      medicine
| producer :                                 in-house design PERFEKT Sobierajski, AGA Labor
| product categry:                      device
| product name:                          Expert 50
| product function:                     suction unit
| material:                                    Quadur, PUR, metal
| technology:                               QCI / Quadur Composite Injection / cast polyurethane
| production year:                      2012
| designer:                                   in hous design PERFEKT Sobierajski: Paulina Kordos, Dawid Żebrowski
| award:                                        Red Dot Design Award Winner 2012

| product description:
product destination Medical Suction Expert 50 sucks off liquids out of operational field during surgery.  functionality  modularity enables to assemble the device in accordance with user’s needs  fully equiped or in  basic, economic version. Modular construction gives the possibility for assembling parts at client’s and allows for mininimalisation the capacity during transportation.

| case study:
Product was realised in 2012  as a result of programme “Ergonomy for medicine”. The goal was to combain the elements of MTS system with the suction unit in order to achieve fully ergonomic, and functional workstation with keeping at the same time the stylistic line as the rest product of the producer have. The aim was achieved thanks of enclosing into projecting medical environment observation supported  with users and seler’s interviews and  ergonomy recognition This way gained information allowed for defining proper user’s needs and worked out fully ergonomics devices being as well modular workstation.

| details:

functionality handle enables pushing and serves as a cable hanger and its lenght regulator |  top cover in built cuvette for temporary placing handy throwaway accessories | membrane keyboard, covered with chemical – proof foil | icons as guidebook | manometr and dial with scale steering | buttons: on / off , continuous suction and interrupted |in built dock for keeping drain’s ending sterile and clean | hood on the back casing ensures splash-proofness | plugs mounted askew, main switch on the back to avoid accidental activation | ventilating openings as a warm air outflow, couvette for throwaway accesories like drain, necessary during treatment | drain’s hanger for regulating its lenght and keeping it in order and cleanles | arch clamp for cuvette and as a hanger for dishes | baring tube as an element of construction | control dish 0,8 l with tap, hydrophobic filter to avoid overfilling | throwaway dishes 2l or 3 l | mobile base X guarantees stability | front wheels with brakes, stabilize the whole service easy modules service | free access to change unit logistic modularity gives the possibility of decreasing the capasity during transportation | ergonomics optimal heigh of hanger operator can freely conduct the device during treatment , proper heigh and angle of interface



The modules elements are made of composite QUADUR , bilogically indifferent, waterproof, resistant to chemical substances, easy in maintenance and conservation, UV resistant, shockproof, hard-burning, easy to keep clean, long life useage, safe electric conduction, colored in mass, no need of varnish, all colors of RAL scale. QCI – quadur composite injection modern method of forming polyester composites ( injection with pressure compressionof different layers of composites resin, fibers, fillers time production optimization  ( 40 % shorter time of final processing, energy usage minimized, manufactured items are baring constructions at time, with built-in inserts, can be colored in mass, additional features like heat resistance EMC screening.




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| Human Factor | Ergonomy | Functionality | Design Thinking | Process Design | Engineering | Cognitive Psychology |  Working Process | Product Design | Medicine | Hygiene |