| service :                                 product design
| branch:                                   medical
| producer:                               in house design PERFEKT Sobierajski
| product category:                workstation                                                                                                   
| product function:                 for diathermy with argon
| product state:                       product
| technology:                           QCI Quadur Composite Injection | cast polyurethane | metal cutting                                                       
| material:                                Quadur | PUR | metal                                                                             
| year:                                       2011                                                                                                
| designer:                               in house design: PERFEKT Sobierajski, Paulina Kordos

| product description:
Workstation designed on the base of Modular Trolley System for storing electrosurgical units with its equipement in one location to create fully practical working pleace for medical stuff. The functionality is stated by dedicated modules settled on the construction pipe in form of: askance top table set under proper angle for setting electrosurgical unit on it, inbuilt front handle with docked lapel ordering the instruments cable running from the device, middle cuvettes for “clear “accessories, and down couvette for “dirty” one – having the contact with the floor.

| case study:
 Modularity gives easy montage and demontage during servise and repairment. Allows for swift switching damaged elements. The ergonomy of using is settled by adequate heigh for the work and askance top table under proper angle which allows for decipher the data from the device’s screen.  The features of Quadur mateial: light, four-phased composite with addition of recyclate materials which weighted the whole up and gives stabilisation. Easy in maintenance, fullfilled the stipulation for access the manufacture for been used on the operation theaters. – proof against damageable factors of hospital’s environment.

| details:
| Ascance top table for information better read off | Back antisliding blockade | Handy instruments with the possibility of docking on the devices’ top lapel or    hanger lapel | In built, fron cuvette  in form of hanger for temporary putting aside the accessories | Cuvette for handy, single usage medical staff | System for ordering the cable | Down cuvette for dirty accessories having contact with floor.



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