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| service :                                 product design
| branch:                                   medical
| producer:                              
in house design PERFEKT Sobierajski
| product category:                
| product function:                
for CFM examination       
| product state                     
| technology:                           QCI Quadur Composite Injection | cast polyurethane | metal cutting                                                       
| material:                               
Quadur | PUR | metal                                                                             
| production year:                 
| designer:                              
 in house design PERFEKT Sobierajski, Paulina Kordos 

| product description: 
Specialistic, near-to-bed workstation organiseses work for medical staff during performing noninvasive neurophysiological medical examination CFM – called Cerabral Function Monitoring towards newborn infants having the form of multi-hours monitoring brain’s function during intensive therapy. Modules in form of hangers, cuvettes, and top table settled on the matal construction pipe assembling in one place all needed devices for monitoring, analisation and recording the examination running. Accessories are placing due to the sequence of using, grouped onto: protection materials, disinfection lotions, hygienic dressings, doings for applying medical means and digital carriers for recording and archiving the examination’s running.

| case study:
design chellange Product is designed in accordance with CFM examiantion’s procedure.  realisation Information about the process of performing the checkup was given during abservation real-existed situation coming across in the product destined environement supported by user interview. The destined material for production Quadur thanks to its character and recyclate addings lets to obtain smooth, hard and polished surfaces biologically neutral, UV and chemical lotion proofed. All that aspects is a warranty for long-lasting product’s live. Restriction of the project was budget dedicated for implementation which directly had an impact on minizing the amount of assembling parts but thanks of design without functionality losting . One of the requirement was defined module sizes which had to match to the package capasity.

| details:
| Top working area prescribed for essential in this examination devices for steering, monitoring, analizing and recording the running examination | Two front and back main holders with function of cable hangers for freely workstation driving | Even area for mouse maneuvering | On – putting hangers for device’s steering heads holding | Middle cuvette – optimal place for locating in hand’s reach clean accessories like: 1. protective materials, 2. disinfection lotions 3. dressings for on patient’s doings stabilizing, 4. doings for examination performing, 5. medical means aplied during examination, 6. division for droppings | Middle cuvette – optimal place for locating in hand’s reach clean accessories | Back side height assymetry as antislanting blockade | Lapels with information of storied staff can be possible to place | Back side height assymetry as antislanting blockade | Lapels with information of storied staff can be possible to place| Down cuvette place for putting aside dirty accessories having contact with the ground | Mobile basic ensures mobility | Front wheel blockade




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