2010 | Stand for docking station of Infusion Pumps – CONCEPT

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| service:                                  product design
| branch:                                  medical
| producer:                               in-house design PERFEKT Sobierajski
| product category:                 stand
| product function:                  for docking station of infusion pumps      
| product state:                        concept
| technology:                           QCI Quadur Composite Injection | cast polyurethane | metal cutting                                                       
| material:                                Quadur | PUR | metal                                                                             
| year:                                       2010                                                                                                 
| designer:                               in-house design PERFEKT Sobierajski Paulina Kordos


| product description:
Stand organises in vertical position docking station with infusion pumps and its all needed accessories. Equiped with top hanger for bag with infusing medicaments, system vesa for mounting the equipement to the construction pipe, vertical handle for maneuvering, front cuvettes for temporary put aside the accessories, elements keeping the electric slat –  as a one source of energy. Mobile O – rectangular platform weighted down inside by recyclat achieving during product production side place for producer’s logo mounting, on-the-edges anti-bumping lapels.
| case study:
As a designe chellange it was to sustain the stand in a very similar esthetic line as the first product – syringe infusion pump and its docking station had. Material Quadur choosed for the production and its properties let to achieve ovoid, plastic form with smooth surfacees without difficult to cleand depression and construction edges. Lasting, biologically indifferent, easy in conservation, chemically resistant guarantes long product life cycle. Functional elements was borrowed from MTS system.
| details:



| Hanger for bearing plastic bag with infusing medicament | System vesa as a semi-product elements for mounting the equipement – easy to find on the market | Vertical handle for maneuvering | Front cuvettes for temporary put aside drainage’s pipes running from the syringe pumps which are plugging into patient body during medical treatment | Elements keeping the electric slat – as a one source of energy  | Mobile O – rectangular platform weighted down inside by recyclat achieving during product production | Side place for producer’s logo mounting | On the edges anti-bumping lapels
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