2010 | WORKST SU2

PORTFOLIO 2013_4_WORKST_SSAK SU2 +LAYOUT | service :                                product design
| branch:                                  medical
| producer:                              in-house design PERFEKT Sobierajski
| product category:               workstation                                                                                                   
| product function:                for storing SU2 unit       
| product state:                      product
| technology:                          QCI Quadur Composite Injection | cast polyurethane | metal cutting                                                       
| material:                               Quadur | PUR | metal                                                                             
| year:                                      2010                                                                                                 
| designer:                              in-house design PERFEKT Sobierajski, Paulina Kordos 

| product description:
destination Medical table assured storing the pump suction unit SU2  with all its equipement needed for handling and useing in a very intuitive way thanks to few functional solution in its form like rail for cables, slat for mounting bootles with sucked-off lotions or hangers for sucktions drains.  Used in sterile and ambulatory operation theaters. innovation Modular construction on the base of MTS elements allows for adding complementary dedicated, functional modules like cuvettes for accesories and hanger for drains. Product longevity, hardness and easiness in maintenance is assured by Quadur material from which the modules are made.

| case study:
design chellange Product was realised in the framework of the programme ” Ergonomy for medicine” in 2010 and started the total redesign for the whole suction units of AGA Labor producer. realization The main stipulation was to create fully practical, functional, made to measure trolley, easy and intuitive in use. Its aim was to solve simple usage problems and held  the same stylistic line as the rest product’s familly. design value Into projecting process the usage recognition and ergonomy examination supported by user’s interview has been made. The panel’s ergonomy has been improved by increasing the size of the buttons, and  by matching adequate colour and its tone. This resulted better readability of the steering buttons.

| details:


| tags:
| Human Factor | Ergonomy | Functionality | Design Thinking | Process Design | Engineering | Cognitive Psychology Working Process | Product Design | Medicine | Sanitation | Hygiene | Social Design