funkcja kosza

| servis :                                  product design
| branch:                                  medical
| producer:                              in house design PERFEKT Sobierajski
| product category:              workstation                                                                                                   
| product function:               with basket functionality 
| product state:                     prototype
| technology:                          QCI Quadur Composite Injection | cast polyurethane | metal cutting                                                       
| material:                               Quadur | PUR | metal                                                                             
| year:                                      2012                                                                                               
| designer:                              in house design PERFEKT Sobierajski Paulina Kordos

| product description:
Product designed on the base of Modular Trolley System. Modularity gives the possibility for mounting additional elements to the main construction or rechange the existing for the other with different functionality . It is equiped with flat, three bordered table, which does not allow for sliding any object from the top. Middle container fasten to the construction pipe by specially profiled basket hanger. All construction is founded on the X mobile platform which gives the best stability for the whole structure.

| case study:
Choosing the material Quadur and its features let to gain ovoid, asymetrical, and plastic forms with flat and polished surfaces easy to clean and keeping in cleanness. Four phased composite with mixture of recyclate is fast, become light, bilogically indifferent, easy in keeping clean and maintenance, resistant to acting chemical lotions, guarrantee long life product cycle. Very well fulfilled the demands for medical environment.

| details:
| Form of the table | Possibility for adding other functional elements from MTS system |Top table mounted on the | Clamp for fastening cuvette to the mounting  pipe with function of bascet clamp construction pipe’s adapter| Mobile platform from MTS system

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