2011 | Knobs & steering handles equipement


| service:                                     product design
| branch:                                      medicine | industry
| producer :                                 in-house design PERFEKT Sobierajski,
| product categry:                      knobs & steering equipement familly
| product name:
| product function:                    analog and digital  for steering
| material:                                    Quadur, PUR, metal
| technology:                               QCI / Quadur Composite Injection / cast polyurethane
| product state:                           concept and product
| production year:                      2011
| designer:                                    in hous design PERFEKT Sobierajski: Paulina Kordos,

| product description:
Knobs and steering handles , fully ergonomic. The familly of different types of knobs and steering handles accustomed to the user’s needs and preferences of device’s steering. Implemented in medicine sector but dedicated also for general industry. The family consist of few sorts of handles giving the chance of navigating useing for that as well one finger or all fingers of the hand / by for navigating by one, two, tree , four or five fingers. Parts of equipement for MTS ( Modular Trolley System) 

| case study:
The ergonomic examination has been made and functionality of the handles has been established

| details:
digital one give the possibility of effortlessly navigating by one fingers, analoge for navigating as well by one, two , tree, or four fingers

| materials and technologies:
The product is prepared in modern technology of polyester composite and recycled materials.

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