2012 | OEM HOUSING LR 02


| service :                                    product design
| branch:                                      medicine
| producer :                                 in-house design PERFEKT Sobierajski
| product category:                   OEM housing
| product function:                    for laser devices
| material:                                   Quadur, PUR, metal
| technology:                              QCI / polyester composite / cast polyurethane
| production year:                      2012
| designer:                                  in house design PERFEKT Sobierajski, Paulina Kordos

| product description:
In OEM housing, adressed for medical laser has been thought out very simple solutions which are the answers for general users needs. The housing possess itself depression for temporary putting aside all needed accessories like two pairs of protective glasses, and two sorts of sondes with wide and point area of acting – essential during performing. Sides undercuttings for gripeing, temporary holding by both hands , and short distance transferring . Securing hood on the back for socets and plugs against mechanical damages and water. Easy in service montage and demontage. Consists of three dependent elements which create the whole: top housing, down housing and top lapel which can be the rechanged elements. Horizontal placed panel with screen adapt the devise for standing position working.

| case study:
The decision of choosing Quadur material to the production process has been taken becouse of its specified physical features which allowed for gaining the regulary forming plastic shapes with smooth surfaces rounded on its ends. That sort of polyester is fast, biologically indifferent. Easy in maintenance and keeping cleanlines. Proof against acting chemical lotions. Those features guarantee long product’s life cycle. Its features very well fullfilled the needs of medical sector.

| details:
| In built cuvette for handy, accessories like sondes and protective glasses | Interface in horizontal position designed for standing work position | Place for producers logo | Big, knob for steering | Back hood for securing the sockets | Sides undercuts for both hand transfering