| service :                                   product design
| branch:                                     medicine
| producer :                                in-house design PERFEKT Sobierajski
| product category:                   OEM housing
| product function:                    for electrosurgery devices
| product state:                          prototype
| material:                                   Quadur, PUR, metal
| technology:                              QCI Cuadur Composite Injection – polyester composite / cast polyurethane
| production year:                     2012
| designer:                                  in house design PERFEKT Sobierajski, Paulina Kordos

| product description:
destination In OEM housing dedicated for electrosurgical units with simply functional solution as an answear for real and fundamental users needs like temporary putting away all needed accessories taking part during performing medical treatment. functionality On  the top of the housing, low depression is prescribed for placing single-usage neutral electrode and insrtruments for cut and coagulation with its cables. Back hood for protection plugs and sockets. Housing is easy in assembling, disassembing and service. Consists of tree elements the front housing, down and top housing and as well changeable part. ergonomy Side undercuttings for both hands holding and long distance transfering,  Slanting screen is designed for working with the device in two positions standing one and sitting.

| case study:
Choosing the material Quadur and its features let to gain ovoid, asymetrical, and plastic forms with flat and polished surfaces easy to clean and keeping in cleanliness. Four phased composite with mixture of recyclate is fast, become light, bilogically indifferent, easy in keeping clean and maintenance, resistant to acting chemical lotions, guarrantee long life product cycle. Very well fullfiled the demands for medical environment.

| details:
| Cuvette for handy, sterile in usage accessories like neutral electrodes and its endings | Front hood for securing the plugs | Back hood for securing the sockets

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