2010 | Driver POLPDU 501- steering for artificial heart


| service:                                     product design
| branch:                                      medicine
| producer :                                 in-house design PERFEKT Sobierajski, Foundation of Cardiosurgery Development
| product category:                   device
| product name:                         POLPDU 501
| product function:                    driver for steering artificial heart’s chambers
| material:                                   Quadur, PUR, metal, carbone composite
| technology:                              QCI / polyester laminates / cast polyurethane
| production year:                     2010
| designer:                                  in hous design PERFEKT Sobierajski: Paulina Kordos

| product description:
destination The device is a driver for steering the work of artificial heart’s chambers. It can cooperates with fully implanted one or those, which are mounted out of organism. Its general task is to regenerates the natural heart during insufficiency or sustaining its work till the time of transplantation. This method supports noninvasive means of curing the inefficiency of the natural heart. The system consists of three dependent modules. Main device – the  steerer and two mobile platforms for assuring the outdoor and indoor mobility. The main motor of this set is in size of handy and comfortable case. Inside construction design, adequate materials and electronic’s parts compression allowed to achieve  the steerer’s weight of 20kg.

the set in the system and its working In first term, as the heart’s implantation has been made, the driver is docking to the clinical trolley. This platform gives the indoor hospital mobility. Used mainly on the operation theaters for setting the devices to the user’s features, and monitoring patient’s state.  In the later term, during convalescence and taking to be fit the driver  is docking to the park trolley –  mobile platform which are designed for giving the outdoor mobility like everyday’s stroll or in house being, etc. Thanks to telemetric supervision of the system there is a possibility of ambulatory caring over the patient waiting for implantation in its home. Well-considered way of cooperation the modeles with each other increasing the patient’s  comfort of using the set.

| case study:
The project has been made in the framework of governor’s scientific programme Polish Artificial Heart System in cooperation with Foundation of Cardiosurgery Development in Zabrze and team of engineers from the Labour of Artificial Heart. The ergonomy recognition has been made and the knowledge about user’s real needs was supported by interviews with medical staff and one of the product’s end- user – connecting to the previous device 360 days long. The mobility is ensured by the new 90 kilogrames slighter construction. The device was the first in its kind case – sized, handy – mobile system for supporting the working of Artificial Heart’s Chambers. The sporty, stylistic line of the product does not appeal the bystander’s attention in public places. The all seem to be regarded as a non-medical, sporty equipement. In december 2010 the first two set’s unit has been implemented for clinical examination at Silesian Centrum of Heart’s  Diseases in Zabrze and at Clinic of the Cardiosurgery in Warsaw.

| details:

material & technology
The main device is covered by the housing made of carbon composite and. The housings are made of QUADUR – polyester laminates, additional elements like hangers and lapels are made of cast polyurethane.