MT 24 CALE (46)

| design service :                      product design
| branch:                                     medicine | entertainment
| producer :                                PERFEKT Sobierajski
| product category:                   OEM housing
| product function:                    for 24 inch monitor
| material:                                   Quadur, PUR
| technology:                              Quadur Composite Injection / cast polyurethane
| year:                                          2012
| product state:                         concept
| designer:                                 
in house design: PERFEKT Sobierajski, Paulina Kordos

| product description:
destination The OEM housing is designed for 24 inch wide-screen monitor. ergonomy | functionality | innovation Possess itself few functional aspects which facilitate the manhandling of the device. The top undercut is for effortlessly carrying the whole by one hand. Side back undercuts create a hood  against water and outside demage for vertically set plugs, and as well they are good for gripeing the housing by both hands . Down back undercut forms inbuilt hanger for cables running from the device. On the back side place for fastening the VESA system for mounting to the metal, main construction pipe. Front, steering panel with ergonomic buttons, limited to three main, the most in standard. The line of the ventilator openings corresponds with the asymetrical form of the device and underline the very dynamical styl of the product.

| case study:
material & technology Matching the proper material – Quadur and its physical features allowed to achieve oval, artistic shapes with flat and polished surfaces, easy in maintenance and keeping clear. This kind of polyester is durable, biologically neutral , chemical lotions proof and guarantees long life cicle of the product. Very well fulfill the needs of medical sector.

| details:
| The top undercut for one hand carrying | Asymetrical line of ventilators in correspondance with the ovoid form | Flat, anti edges surfaces means cleannes | Side back hood water and outside demage proof, good for gripeing the housing by both hands |  Down undercut as an inbuilt cable’s coiler with the supporting lapel |  Place for fastening the VESA system for mounting to the construction pipe | Big, ergonomic, limited to tree the most in standard steering buttons