Events 1

2011_06_17            theme:                              ” Ergonomics in designing medical 
2007                        organizer:                          devices” on the base of designing 
2007                        organizer:                          process of Surgical Suction Combo
2007                        organizer:                          produced by PERFEKT Sobierajski 
2007                        organizer:                         & AGA Labor
2007                        organizer:                         | Ergonomics Committee Department
profile:                     author:                              | Paulina Kordos
profile:                     place:                                | Cracow, Ergonomics Committee Department

2011_03_17 / company:                                    “Woman’s Innovation & Creativity for 
2011_03_18 organizer: |                                    growing Economy”
2007                        organizer:                        | Polish Govern of Patent (UPRP)
2007                        organizer:                          World Intellectual Property Organization
2007                        organizer:                          (WIPO)
2007                        organizer:                          Warsaw Stock Exchange S.A (GWP)
profile:                     theme:                              | Meaning of the Design in Innovation Economy
profile:                     theme:                                Take parting in the speaking panel with
profile:                     theme:                                presentation of design process and methods
profile:                     theme:                                on the base of product Mobile Driver
profile:                     theme:                                for Artificial Chamber’s Heart -POLPDU 501
profile:                     theme:                                for Foundation of Cardiosurgery Development
profile:                     theme:                                in Zabrze.
profile:                     author:                              | presenatation has be made on the base of the
profile:                     author:                                footage of PERFEKT Sobierajski Company
profile:                     place:                                | Hotel Novotel, Warsaw, Poland

2010_09_20 / company:                                     I ERGONOMIC CONGRESS
2010_09_22          orgorganizer:nizer:            | Main Govern of Polish Ergonomic Society
2007                      theme:                                | “Ergonomics for the future”
20                     07 lecture:                               | Ergonomics of Work Environment on
2007 orga                   nizer:                               the example of the project – Set supporting
2007 orga                   nizer:                               toileting of elder’s people with limited
profile:                     author                                 movement.
profile:                  place:                                   | Polytechnic of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland