2012 | Quadur

quadur 2

| service :                                 logo | branding design
| branch:                                   industry | technology company
| client:                                      Quadur
| product category:                branding | logo                                                                                               
| product function:                 visualisation the corporate identity
| product state:                       in usage
| year:                                       2012                                                                                                
| designer:                               Paulina Kordos

| product description:
The aim was to create the logotype for technological company which produces goods in polyester composite technology.
The logo presents the rectangular cut off from profile’s structure of polyester composites laminated layers from which
the material is made.

| case study:
The work after study, concepting and idea exploration stage resulted in achieving very logical sign which strictly corespond
with the technology process of creating this sort of material.

| tags:
| Sign System | Visual Identification | Branding | Graphic Design | Technology | Sign Architecture | Logo