2009 | SET supporting the toileting

set for toileting
| work :                                   graduation project                                                                          university:           The Academy of Fine Art.
| specialisation:                     product design                                                                               place:                   Cracow 
| branch:                                 sanitary | medical                                                                           name of:              Jan Matejko 
| product category:               set | workstation                                                                             department:         Department of Design
| product function:                supporting the toileting of elder people with limited movement      faculty                Faculty of Forming the Means of Work 
| technology:                          rotomoulding | thermoforming                                                        laboratory:          Laboratory of Ergonomy
| material:                               PE | ABS | PUR |                                                                            promoter:            Professor of the Academy of Fine Art Czesława Frejlich
|  year:                                     2009                                                                                               consultants:        Doctor of Humanities Science Halszka Kontrymowicz – Ogińska
| designer:                              Paulina Kordos                                                                                                            Elder Lecturer Kszysztof Hamiga, Bechelor of Science Maciej Patrzałek 
| award:                                  among ten, final The Best Graduation Project 2008 / 2009
                                                organized by quarterly magazine 2+3D

| product description:
destination The set for daily nursing people with long-lasting or temporary movement disfunction. Designed due to obliged procedures of making hygienic treatment.  design value  Facilitates, improves work organization, increases carer’s comfort during performing everyday’s sanitary activity with saving the senior’s dignity. Gives module and accessories modification due to the individual seniors needs and space limitation. Prescribed for social care houses, hospiatl’s or geriatric wards. Its  form and equipment answer for the need  of the whole toileting process from  needed accessories preparing, body wasching and careing to personal wearings and bed linens changeing. It gathers in adequate place clean and dirty personal and bed clothes, towels, cosmetics, disinfection lotions, clean and dirty-used water, and as well dustbin.

| case study:
design chellange The subject was taken on the fact of increasing number of elder people in european societies. The project respond to the problem  observed during hygienic treatment of lack for proper designed product dedicated for toileting seniors with limited movement.  realization Before the projecting work deep observation and analysis of work process had been made in one of the senior’s residential house. On the base of the observation crucial problems was defined and transformed into brief. On the project need currently valid procedures of hygienic treatment was get to known and the whole equipement for toileting has been stocktaked.

| details:



| table with in built bowl for current water pouring  | place for accessories puting aside | holder for manoeuvring | table with function of temporary dustbin mounting  | back fastened water containers: upper for fresh water and lower one equiped with grips for dirty one | process of throwing away dirty water and tanking the fresh one |module with in built shelves for storing  clean personal and bed lines and back bag for self-keeping dirty one |

| material & technology
PE material  was proposed to the production proces which is proof against chemical, mechanical factors and UV radiation . Easy in maintenance and keeping clear, with antistatic properties, physiologically neutral.  The way of product’s  forming is prescribed for rotomoulding processing .

proces pracy 3
workst higiena


| service:                                  product’s market economy measurement
| branch:                              sanitary | medical                                                                               
|  work:                                 graduation project
| product category:               set | workstation                                                                             
|  year:                                        2009  
| product specialization:                          product design                                                                     
| product category:                                set |workstation  | workplace | trolley                                                                                                                                                      
| product function:                                   supporting the toileting of elder people with limited movement

| product state:                    project 

| techniques:                          internet reaserch, data organising, analysis, segmentation & segregation, 

methods of presentation: output presentation with the help of infographic                                                                             
| designer:                              Paulina Kordos                                                                                                            
| award:                                  among ten, final The Best Graduation Project 2008 / 2009
                                                    organized by quarterly magazine 2+3D          












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| Human Factor | Ergonomy | Functionality | Design Thinking | Process Design | Engineering | Cognitive Psychology Working Process | Product Design | Medicine | Sanitation | Hygiene | Social Design