2007                        company:                           Render
profile:                     profile:                              | Industrial Design Studio
profile:                     range of work:                 | client’s data base organisation
profile:                                                                delivering concept product solution supported
profile:                                                                by handy sketches and CAD modelling
profile:                      place:                              Kraków, Poland

2007                        company:                          Fama
profile:                     profile:                              | producer of ladies wear
profile:                     range of work:                 | hand-made concepts of clothing according to 
                                                                           the brief, matching to the whole collection with 
                                                                           taking into consideration material’s features 
profile:                                                              | constructing clothing’s pattern on the base 
                                                                           of the concepts
profile:                                                              | modelling the clothing’s prototypes with
  profile:                                                              choosing proper materials and colours
  profile:                   place:                               | Kraków, Poland

2008                        organisation:                      Makultura
profile:                     profile:                              | design group
profile:                     aim:                                   | designing & promoting proecological products 
profile:                                                                and behaviours
profile:                     range of work:                  | organisation co-setting up 
profile:                                                               | preparation the presentations
  profile:                                                             | taking part in lectures
    profile:                                                           | workshops & exhibitions organising

    profile:                place:                                 | Kraków, Poland
    profile:                www:                         

2010                        company:                           PERFEKT Sobierajski
profile:                     programme:              
profile:                     profile:                               apprenticeship programme
rofile:                       form of work:                    | on probation, on limited time 
profile:                     range of work                   | ergonomically designing the medical 
profile:                                                                 environment in form of functional devices, 
profile:                                                                 furnitures and workstations in the framework 
profile:                                                                 of the project “Ergonomy for medicine”
profile:                    place:                                  | Sękocin Nowy, Warszawa, Poland


2010                        company:                             PERFEKT Sobierajski 
profile:                     profile:                                manufacture of industrial goods 
rofile:                                                                     made in polyester composite technology
rofile:                       form of work:                     | permanent
rofile:                       position:                              Industrial Designer
profile:                     range of work                    | initial conversations & negotiations with the 

profile:                     range of work                     clients
profile:                                                                | working out assumptions to the concrete

profile:                                                                  projects
profile:                                                                | study work & product usability examinations

 profile:                                                                 on the base of product observation in its
profile:                                                                  destined environement

profile:                                                                | usable problems defining
profile:                                                                | generating the problem’s solution in form 
profile:                                                                  of handy conceptual sketches with considering 
profile:                                                                  the destined technology
profile:                                                                | CAD modelling
profile:                                                                | project development coordination
profile:                                                                | supervising the implementation proces
profile:                    place:                                  | Sękocin Nowy, Warszawa, Poland