2010                       company:                            Polyester Design Creative Workshop
profile:                     organizer:                         | PERFEKT Sobierajski
profile:                     place:                                | Sękocin Nowy, Warsaw, Poland
profile:                     participants:                      | memebers of Makultura – design group
profile:                     range of work:                  | getting to know all technological possibilities and
profile:                     range of work:                    restrictions in forming polyester composites

                                                                          | choosing the public space – as the market
                                                                            niche – the most advantageous area for launching
profile:          advantageous area for                  the designed products made in technology
profile:                                                                 of polyester composite filled with recyclates
profile:                                                               | generating the concepts for the products with
profile:                                                                 inclusion the destined technology
profile:                                                               | implementation cost calculating for proposed
profile:                                                                 product’s concepts
profile:                     effects:                              | as a result working out the methodology
profile:                     effects:                                the manufactured details filled with
profile:                     effects:                                recyclate material generated during processing
rprofile:                     effects:                               and implementating this technology to Modular
    rprofile:                     effects:                           Trolley System     
    rprofile:               www:                                |

2010_03_12                   company:                    Technological Workshops in Foundation of
2010                       company:                             Cardiosurgery Development
profile:                     organizer:                          | Foundation of Cardiosurgery Development
profile:                     place:                                 | Foundation of Cardiosurgery Development,
profile:                     place:                                |  Zabrze, Poland
profile:                     participants:                       | Graduates of Design Department of Academy of
profile:                     place:                                 | Fine Art from Cracow
profile:                     range of work:                   | getting to know:
profile:                    range of work:                    | the world’s known mechanical systems for
                                                                            heart’s work assisting with embracing the 
profile:                     range of work:                   | the R&D labours according to POLCAS system
profile:          advantageous area for                 | the construction and rules of acting of the Driver
profile:                                                                 for Polish Artificial Heart’s Chambers POLPDU
profile:                                                                 402 and  the new concept of mobile one
profile:          advantageous area for                 | modern undertake in the range of medical
pprofile:          advantageous area for                 device’s ergonomics design
pprofile:          advantageous area for               | the way how system supporting artificial hearts
pprofile:          advantageous area for                is working in clinical circumstances 
pprofile:          advanaim:                                    | exchanging the experience working out the 
pprofile:          advanaim                                   | 
forms of multisided cooperating in
pprofile:          advanaim                                      the context of ergonomics medical device’s
pprofile:          advanaim                                      design on the pressure for perceiving user’s real
pprofile:          advanaim                                      needs

2012_01                     company:                         Project MD Touch – UX
2010                       caim::                                      elaborating the functional interface in the 
profile:                     organizer:                              interdisciplinary team
profile:                      range of work:                   | on the example of stomatology laser
profile:                     range of work:                       of Lasotronix company
profile:                     place:                                   | checking interface menu’s utility by analyzing

profile:                     place:                                  device’s manual<